MR Partnerships

One of the great things about today’s Marketing Research industry is the level of partnership that exists. Whether it’s sharing ideas, learning new techniques, referring clients or good old-fashioned friendly competition, the industry comes together and works together in a unique way.

At Parametric, we love working with other MR industry partners, either as suppliers, consultants or primary contractors. We believe that by working with others to provide the highest quality solutions we all benefit, and the industry itself grows stronger.

Here are some examples of how we’ve worked with MR partners in the past:

  1. As methodology consultants for advanced techniques
    1. Conjoint and discrete choice studies,
    2. Custom simulations
    3. Financial analysis of customers, brand and products
    4. Financial analysis of programs and promotions
    5. Clustering, segmentation and targeting strategies
    6. Dynamic modeling of markets
  2. As a complete design-to-simulator supplier of advanced analysis for your engagements
  3. As a supplier of end-user custom tools
  4. As CE/Technology domain specialists

These are just a few ways we can help you grow your business by expanding your capabilities. Don’t feel shy about exploring other options and ideas with us, we are always keen to share ideas (and coffee and beer) with others who are passionate about this industry.

To talk with us about how we might drive each other’s success, contact us.