Data and analysis for decision makers

Parametric was founded on the belief that when business people and policy makers have access to the right information, they make better decisions. Our company is set up to enable us to deliver solid, relevant, actionable numbers in exactly the form needed by our clients.

We recognize that different clients need different forms and scope of deliverables, so we’ve structured our offerings in a tiered manner to ensure that each project delivers exactly what is needed. Our capabilities run from focused methodology consulting engagements, all the way through to fully-managed multi-country research projects.

World-class capabilities without the overhead

We are a small company who regularly “punches above our weight” by partnering with the best service providers in the industry. That, coupled with our ability to build custom tools, means that when you work with us you can benefit from the agility and attention only a small company can give while tackling the biggest business problems.

Here are a small number of examples of the types of services we can provide:

  • Full-Service Research: We’ll take charge of everything for a fully managed research project, from objective setting, instrument design, translation, hosting, analysis and delivery — the “soup-to-nuts” for small, large (or huge!) projects
  • Back-Room Analysis: If you’re a research firm and want to “beef up” your analysis capability to stay competitive, we offer visible or silent partnerships where we can help you deliver the best methods available
  • Methodology Consulting: We provide the support to ensure that your data gathering or analysis project is employing the most up to date, powerful and relevant techniques
  • Exploratory Analysis: We use state of the art tools and techniques to find out what your existing data can tell you, and how to project it onto the future
  • Analytics Consulting: We’ll work with your team to modernize and focus their intelligence gathering capabilities
  • Sawtooth (Conjoint / Discrete Choice) Programming and Hosting: We have world-class systems in place to design and run advanced choice experiments for you or your clients
  • Custom Tool and Dashboard Development: We deliver “what if” desktop tools right into the hands of decision makers