What are SKUTools™?

In short, SKUTools are standalone software modules to help clients evaluate “what if” questions by melding research data and internal assumptions.

Much of Parametric’s work involves complex research design, execution and analysis. We recognized early on that client decisions are not based solely on research findings, but also internal knowledge, assumptions and constraints. To give research a life beyond study completion, we’ve invested in the development of SKUTools modules to provide clients with on-demand accessibility to “what if” analysis – all without demanding programming capabilities or statistical wizardry. We introduced the first of these modules – the Parametric SKUTools™ Simulator – in February 2008 to provide clients with ready access to conjoint study results.

How do they work?

Each module is a standalone application that allows users to evaluate research findings while simultaneously varying key assumptions, such as price, product configuration, competitive set or costs. For example, the Parametric SKUTools Simulator allows clients to evaluate CBC results by specifying product configurations and market scenarios within the range of study design to address questions like, “What would we expect to happen if our chief competitor reduces price by 10%?”

We regularly add functionality to the base SKUTools Simulator module to address client-specific needs. We also develop custom tools to provide richer analysis of MaxDiff results, as well as more complex dashboards for client assessment of tracking studies.

We use a variety of modern development tools. We are a Microsoft Registered Partner, and produce both native Windows applications in C# .NET and Web Applications in ASP.NET MVC. We also use a variety of other tools as necessary.

How can SKUTools benefit you?

If you’ve ever completed a research study, but found static reports to be less-than-helpful when new questions come up, one of Parametric’s SKUTools may be right for your team. To learn more about SKUTools, as well as our development capabilities and how they can enhance your use of research, please contact us at +1.360.696.2929.